There are many different electric kickscooters designed for may different lifestyles. Sport scooters for speed seekers, big beasts built for lengthy adventures, and zippy lightweight commuters. The Ninebot E25A falls under the latter.  Despite not being particularly fast, or having a lot of range, the E25A is an excellent scooter for downtown living for 3 major reasons.


Many downtown residents don’t own cars, because why would you? Insurance premiums, gas prices, and parking rates in Toronto are just some of the expenses car owners incur; and that’s after purchasing the vehicle! Meanwhile the TTC has long been the butt of jokes about reliability, track repairs, and overcrowding. In the days of COVID with physical distancing being so important, fewer and fewer people are willing to take the subway or streetcar to get to where they need to be.

Want to compare prices?

  • Monthly parking rates in Toronto average between $150-$375. With some rates as high as $450 a month!*
  • A TTC monthly pass for an adult is $143.00 a month. Over a 12-month span that’s $1,716.00 – or double the cost of the E25A!
  • The E25A comes in at $850.00 + tax making it one of the most affordable kickscooters on the market.

Yes, initial cost to purchase a kickscooter can be high. However, unlike purchasing a car, once you own a kickscooter the cost of maintaining is relatively low. Never worry about paying for gas; this 100% electric ride charges using a compact charger that easily plugs into your wall socket.
If initial price is still a concern and you require financial assistance, Segway of Ontario offers financing options through iFinance Canada.


Although the E25A does not boast the same range or speed as some of its competitors, it makes up for it in terms of portability. Typically the heaviest component on an electric kickscooter is the battery. On the E25A, the modest 214.5Wh battery resides inside the steering column. The result is a sleek design with no exposed wires making it very easy to carry with you wherever your adventure takes you.

Many downtown residents don’t have the option to roll up to their garage and park their kickscooter. The lightweight frame of the E25A is easy to fold and carry onto elevators, escalators, or stairs. And its relatively small footprint can also be tucked away in limited storage condos and apartments.

Let’s talk weight…
Coming in at 31lbs the E25A is one of the lighter electric kickscooter options compared to other popular models:

  • Apollo City – 40lbs
  • Ninebot MAX – 41lbs
  • EMOVE Cruiser – 52lbs

For downtown residents, with the city at their doorsteps, travel times are typically shorter than those of suburban commuters. Investing in a big battery scooter may not be necessary. Prioritizing portability over range can save you thousands of dollars.

Reliable and easy to service

One thing you will never need to worry about with the Ninebot E25A is getting a flat tire. Its non-pneumatic synthetic rubber tires are designed to handle any bumps and cracks while providing you with the peace of mind that you won’t be stranded with a flat.

Another benefit of purchasing a Ninebot kickscooter is that they are a well-known brand with parts readily available for sale. The service team at Segway of Ontario is capable of handling repairs of any kind should they be necessary. Like any other vehicle, checkups are recommended to extend the lifetime of your e-scooter. We suggest booking a service appointment at least once a year. Micro-vibrations from un-even roads, potholes, and streetcar tracks can gradually loosen bolts and screws. Proper maintenance helps to ensure these smaller issues do not develop into large scale repairs. Book an appointment with one of our technicians today!

When you purchase a kickscooter through Segway Ontario, we take care of you. We are all part of the kickscooter community, and, unlike Amazon, we are conveniently located in the Distillery District, Toronto. Segway of Ontario is a place you can come to ask questions, take a test ride, and receive maintenance. Join us on one of our Community Rides to meet other riders and discover all the great trails our city has to offer!

-The Segway of Ontario team

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