Unlock the Power of the Ninebot S and S Plus

With over 15 years of Micromobility experience, you can count on Segway of Ontario for professional Sales, Service and follow-up Warranty care.
Our Ninebot S series of products is designed to make your life easier.  From filming to transportation, the easy to learn S series is an exceptional tool.

S Series for Commuting

The S Series is often called the Mini-Segway and it’s a bang-on description.  With highly capable self-balance technology and large foot-pads, the S Series navigates urban streets with confidence.

S Series for Film

The S Series features hands-free movement so you can focus on creating the perfect shot.  Whether you have a Gimbal or Steadicam, go hands-free and get the action shots you’ve always wanted. Need to go offroad?  Upgrade your tires to explore new pathways and camera shots.


S Series Parts

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Want to book a test ride before you buy?  Call us to book a demo at 416-642-0096.

NOTE: If you purchased your Ninebot S or S Plus from another supplier (Amazon, Best Buy, etc) we are unable to provide your Warranty work.  To find out how to get your Ninebot S serviced, please click here.

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