Coming Late 2022 / Early 2023

The newest accessory for the Ninebot S is the Ninebot Mecha Kit. Team up with friends and family, or battle against each other in your personal battle bot. Dual joysticks give riders the freedom to drift like a GoKart while shooting bio-degradable water pellets. 

Rider safety is always at the forefront of Segway design, and the Mecha Kit is no different. The high-strength steel frame protects both the rider and the Mecha chassis, so the battle never ends in tears. 

RGB ambient lights allow you to personalize your riding experience. From customizable under-body lighting to the front-shooting laser light, illuminate the road and mark bullet trajectory to help you hit your target.

Kickscooter (e-scooter) Laws in Ontario:

Under the HTA, there is a 5 year pilot project (commenced January 1, 2020) which allows the use of e-scooters in the province. Please check with your municipality for local bylaws.

Ninebot Mecha Kit

Ninebot Mecha Kit – $799- Coming Soon

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