4 New Segway Ninebot Products To Get Excited About

Segway Ninebot Takes an Innovative Lead

Since launching the original Segway in the early 2000’s, Segway Ninebot has been a global leader in Micromobility.  Our team at Segway of Ontario has been part of this every step of the way.  We’re excited to show off 4 Exciting new Segway Ninebot products in our blog today – read on!

Segway eMoped C80

The eMoped c80 is the first smart ebike designed by Segway. Quickly start and lock the eMoped in seconds with RideyGo! an intelligent system for easy rider functionality with no need for a key. But don’t fret it is fully equipped with anti-theft features. Although the eMoped is not equipped to handle highway driving with a 32km/h top speed, its compact design brings a European flair to zipping through Canadian city streets.

Reason to get excited?
When the electric scooter craze began in 2017 many predicted how they would revolutionize urban transportation. The Segway Ninebot eMoped further opens the door for city dwellers to find freedom while providing seated comfort for extended journeys. Say goodbye to crowded streetcars and transit
delays and get there in style!

Segway Dirt eBike X260

If you are looking for something with a little more power, the Segway Dirt eBike X260 is what you need. Incredibly lightweight, but packed with torque – the dirt ebike is a thrill seeker’s best friend. With the X260 your adventure doesn’t end when the trail does. With SwapNGo batteries and equipped to handle any terrain, there are now no limits to where your journey will take you.

Reason to get excited?
It’s rare to find an eco-friendly electric dirt bike that can achieve 0-50km/h in 4.02 seconds. Despite its powerful 23.6 ft*lb torque motor the Dirt eBike weighs in at only 121 lbs!

Ninebot GoKart Pro

Segway takes fun very seriously. Whether you are 14 or 40 the GoKart Pro is drifting fun for all ages. For 2 years Segway-Ninebot have refined the GoKart design with a professional GoKart racer to ensure the ultimate riding experience. Now faster and with superior handling than its predecessor, the Pro has upped the game. You might be wondering, “How do I apply to become a professional GoKart racer?” – We’re looking into it.

Reason to get excited?
When you look good, you feel good. And the Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro looks real good. New sleek aerodynamic race-car design and an engine sound simulator… yea you heard that right… create an immersive racing experience. The only question that remains is, “Where’s the finish line?”

Ninebot S MAX

Looking for that classic Segway design? The Ninebot S MAX is the new and enhanced self-balancing personal transporter, now with greater speed and range than the S and S Plus before it. With its built-in extendable steering wheel, it’s never been easier to ride. Attach to the GoKart Kit to achieve the same performance as the Gokart Pro!

Reason to get excited?
One word. Versatility.

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4 New Segway Ninebot Products To Get Excited About
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