Meet Our Team

Since 2004, Segway of Ontario has been the Canadian expert on Micromobility.  We’ve rolled through Arrested Development, Paul Blart and the untimely death of Jimi Heseldon.  Every one of our employees has a passion for customer service and helping you find the best solution for your specific needs.

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  • Jason - Managing Partner

    Ride of choice: Ninebot S

    Favourite riding location: Ontario Place

  • Aaron - Chief Experience Officer

    Ride of choice: Aventon Pace 500

    Favourite riding location: Tommy Thompson Park

  • Phil - Service Manager

    Ride of choice: Ninebot MAX G30

    Favourite riding location: Cruising the waterfront

  • Khyle - Office Assistant

    Ride of choice: Ninebot F2 Pro

    Favourite riding location: Harbourfront

  • Nicole - Creative Director

    Ride of choice: Ninebot Max G2

    Favourite riding location: The Beaches

Meet Our Team on Youtube

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