Electric KickScooter FAQ

There are many questions surrounding electric scooters.  From where you can ride to how fast and best safety practices.  we’ve outlined this information for you below.  If you still have questions, read our full post about Electric Scooters in Toronto here.  See something unanswered in the FAQ? Drop us an email at the button above.

  • Is it legal to ride Electric Scooters in Toronto?

    In short, no.

    It has never been legal to ride Electric Scooters and many other electric micromobility devices like EUC’s and Electric Skateboards in Toronto.

    The City has indicated that Toronto Police cannot enforce this ongoing ban.  If you decide to ride we recommend following the Provincial E-Scooter Pilot guidelines here.

  • What if I get pulled over by a Police Officer?

    Like most people, many officers are simply curious about the device you’re riding.  We recommend engaging positively by explaining the safety features on your device (bell, front light, rear light) and that you’re wearing a helmet.

    Have a printed copy of the Provincial E-Scooter guidelines with you as well so you can show you’re following Provincial rules.

  • What are the Provincial Guidelines for the Electric Scooter Pilot?

    You can read the full document here.  When riding anywhere, we recommend adhering to:

    – Maximum 24 km/h
    – Wear a helmet
    – Make sure you have a bell & lights
    – Operate as a bicycle would – ride on the right side of the road, on cycle tracks and multi-use paths.

FAQ – Answering Other Questions You Probably Have

Looking for information on Micromobility Devices in Toronto and Ontario?  Read on and find answers to your most common questions in our general FAQ. 

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Do you price match big-box stores and other retailers?

Nope.  If you're looking for the best possible price, we recommend you buy from a big-box retailer.  Just be aware that training, follow-up care and product knowledge are not included in their price.

Our focus is on customer service, education/training and building a relationship with you. You may spend a few more bucks buying from Segway of Ontario - but our staff, expertise, and personal service means you are purchasing with confidence from a locally owned business.

I didn't buy from you - can you service my Warranty?

If you have bought a Segway Ninebot device from another retailer, we cannot service your Warranty.  If you have purchased from an online retailer, you will have to ship it to a repair centre and can find more details here.

Do you have a retail location?

Yes!  We've been in the Distillery District since 2005.  We're currently located at 11 Gristmill Lane.  If you require service, please book an appointment in advance here - we have limited space and can't guarantee acceptance of your device without booking ahead.

What is your hourly service rate?

Since most repairs take less than an hour, we offer dynamic pricing.  We charge $60 + HST per 30 minutes.  If you decide not to have your repair done by us, we charge an assessment fee.  This is usually about 15-20 minutes at our standard labour rate of $120 per hour but can be more depending on what we're evaluating.

What are your hours?

We're open 11am - 5pm from Monday - Sunday. If you require service or sales outside of these hours, email us to set up an appointment.

My Electric Scooter needs Service, what do I do?

If your Electric Scooter needs Service in Toronto, we can probably help.  We primarily service Ninebot and Segway products, if you have another brand we recommend you contact your retailer.

If you have a Ninebot Scooter or Device, click here to book a service appointment.

Do you take Trade-Ins?

In some circumstances we will accept trade-ins.  We do our best to give you a fair value for your device.  Keep in mind that we won't offer you retail cost for trade-ins as we need to inspect, refresh and then re-sell the device.  If you prefer the convenience of an easy trade-in over selling your device on Facebook Marketplace, this is your best option.

If you'd like to trade-in your device, contact sales@segwayofontario.com.

Do you sell pre-owned Kickscooters?

As of right now, there isn't much of a pre-owned market.  Many people are holding on to their devices or selling to friends and family.  We do our best to make sure that our prices are competitive on all new Kickscooters.

If you don't see any on this page, we do not have them in stock.  Keep checking back!

We can't always compete with Amazon or Best Buy but when you buy from us you're supporting a local business with industry leading customer service.

Do your Pre-Owned Devices come with a Warranty?

Segway i2se and x2se Devices sold as Pre-Owned by Segway of Ontario include a 90 day Limited Warranty. Devices like Kickscooters and Gokarts generally do not - unless they're still covered by the factory warranty.

Can I submit my own FAQ question?

If you haven't found the answer you're looking for in our FAQ, email us here.