With 20 years in business, Segway of Ontario is your local Segway-Ninebot repair shop. We're conveniently located in downtown Toronto and our expert team is here to help you get your device fixed and back on the road.  Our goal is to provide you the best service at a fair price - we'd like to see you again.

Our Most Common Services

Electric Scooter Repair and Services in Toronto
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General Maintenance & Tune-Up:
General Maintenance & Tune-Up:
$40 + HST
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Most OEM Tires:
Most OEM Tires:
$70 + HST + 30mins*
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Most OEM Controllers:
Most OEM Controllers:
$150 + HST + 40mins*
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Disc Brake Pads:
Disc Brake Pads:
$39.95 + HST + 20mins* (per wheel)
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Hydraulic Brake Line Bleeding and Maintenance:
Hydraulic Brake Line Bleeding and Maintenance:
$49.95 + HST
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Electric Scooter Repair and Service in Toronto


We invoice for the cost of parts used and the time involved in processing the repair. The details of your invoice can be found through the link we send you over SMS text while we are repairing your device.

If you have questions about the repair, you can communicate directly with your device mechanic through the SMS link.

Our standard labour rate is $120/hr + HST.

Common Parts &amp; Repairs:

Most OEM Tires: $70.00 + HST + 30* min
Inner Tubes: $19.00 + HST + 20* min
Most OEM Controllers: $150.00 + HST + 40* min
Motor Connections: $9.95 + HST + 20* min
Disc Brake Pads: $39.95 + HST + 20* min
*Repair time varies between all devices depending on many variable factors. These times are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Devices in poor condition often take additional time to repair.

Repair Packages:

Hydraulic Brake Line Bleeding and Maintenance: $49.95 + HST
General Maintenance &amp; Tune-Up: $40.00 + HST
Warranty processing - RMA Application: $50.00 + HST
Warranty processing - Our Customers: $00.00

Warranty and Other Important Service Information

We can now process warranty repairs for Segway-Ninebot devices. With an RMA from the manufacturer, we handle repairs for Ninebot Max G30P, G30LP, G2, F2, F2 Plus, F2 Pro, and F40. We can now process warranty repairs on behalf of Segway-Ninebot: If you have been in contact with the manufacturer about warranty coverage and they have issued you an RMA for that reported issue, we are able to process these repairs for you. We offer this for the following devices:
  • Ninebot Max G30P
  • Ninebot Max G30LP
  • Ninebot Max G2
  • Ninebot F2
  • Ninebot F2 Plus
  • Ninebot F2 Pro
  • Ninebot F40
Other devices will most likely be directed to Futuretel in Markham for warranty repair. We are able to assist you with this if you desire
Missed Appointments:
Can’t make your appointment? Please let us know.

We are human too and understand that commitments can be missed due to unforeseen circumstances. All we ask is that you communicate with us if you can’t make your appointment.

If you miss 2 scheduled appointments, won’t offer appointment bookings to clients who often miss appointments. We will only be able to offer walk-in service requests.

*Same Day Service

As much as we aim to complete your repair within the allotted time that we set aside for your appointment, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Depending on the day's bookings, preceding repair times may extend and the intended schedule may be put out of order. In this situation we may need to move your device’s start time to another appointment slot.

Regular Maintenance
Keep your Segway-Ninebot product in good working order with regular maintenance: The best way to keep the cost of running your device on the low end is to schedule regular maintenance appointments with us. Stay on top of loosening fasteners and catch potential problems early. This often helps limit the cost of future repairs for many potential issues. We suggest booking a check-up every 2 months during heavy periods of use.
Pre-Booked vs. Walk-Ins
We always prioritize our pre-booked appointments. Walk-ins will be put in line to be processed at the next available break between scheduled work. Sometimes work can be completed the same day, sometimes it will take a few days during peak season. We cannot offer a start time for walk-in requests. Walk-in bookings should expect to leave the device behind for at least a few hours. It is not abnormal for walk-in requests to be in our possession for a day or so during our busiest periods. It is always recommended to call the shop first to see what the day’s schedule is looking like. You can reach us at 416-642-0096. Ask for the Service Department, and check to see how viable a walk-in on that day will be.