Allow E-Scooters on Toronto Streets: Form Letter to City Council

Let Toronto City Council Know Why They Should Allow E-Scooters on Toronto Streets

Like you, we were saddened to see Toronto City Council’s May 5th, 2021 vote to continue the ban of E-Scooters on Toronto Streets.  The good news is you can help change this.  Our team at Segway of Ontario has been in contact with City Councillors and Staff.  We all know there are massive personal, economic and cultural benefits to allowing E-Scooters and other Micromobility devices in Toronto.  Now you can tell them why.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find your City Councillor here
  2. Copy and paste our form letter below into an email
  3. Add your own comments if you want
  4. Click send!

We know that once City Council better understands the benefits of privately owned E-Scooters and similar devices, we can legalize them.  If you have any questions or want to help further, email our CEO Aaron.

City Council Form Letter

Copy from below the line

Hi Councillor,

I’m writing today to support privately owned E-Scooters and similar Micromobility devices being allowed on Toronto Streets, Cycle Tracks, and Multi-Use Paths. There are thousands of E-Scooter riders in Toronto already and that number will continue to grow. I’m the sole user of my device and ride safely, the same way most cyclists and e-bike riders do.

There are many benefits to allowing privately owned e-scooters on Toronto streets:

  • Low-cost, equitable and affordable transportation solution
    · Reducing wear and tear on streets – same impact as bicycles
    · Removing emissions that would have been emitted by additional car trips
    · Improving the uptake rate of Toronto’s bicycle pathways and cycle tracks
    · Increased time outdoors and improved mental health
    · Reducing the potential for COVID-19 transmission compared to public transit or ride-sharing

My device comes with a headlight, brake light, and bell already installed. I wear a helmet and try to ride as safely as possible and agree that e-scooters should not be used on sidewalks. Instead of banning them completely, Toronto City Council and Staff should work with people like me and local retailers to develop a training and education campaign instead of a ban.

I hope you and the rest of City Council listen to our growing group of riders in Toronto, and the rest of Ontario, who use our e-scooters for commuting, work and mental health. The value and affordability provided by these vehicles helps many people travel at low cost and low impact on our city streets. Please allow privately-owned E-Scooters on Toronto’s streets, Cycle Tracks, and Multi-Use Paths.


Allow E-Scooters on Toronto Streets: Form Letter to City Council
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