Electric Scooters vs. Electric Bicycles: Which is Right for You?

Electric scooters and electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as ways to save money vs driving a car in Toronto and the GTA. Both are a convenient and efficient way to get around town - without having to pay for car parking or gas. But which one is right for you?

Read on to learn about the differences between electric scooters and electric bicycles - and find out which one is best for you.

Understand the differences between electric scooters and electric bicycles

While both electric scooters and electric bicycles offer fast, efficient transportation - there are some key differences to consider. Electric scooters are typically smaller and more lightweight, making them easier to maneuver in crowded areas and store in small spaces.

Electric bicycles, on the other hand, offer more power, speed and comfort - making them better suited for longer distances and hilly terrain. Electric bicycles often come with features like pedal assist, helping you conserve energy and travel further distances.

At Segway of Ontario, we stock Aventon Electric Bicycles.  They feature both pedal-assist and throttle power if you want to take a break from pedaling.  Aventon electric bicycles are known for being a quality product at a fair price.  Discover the line-up here.

Consider your commuting needs and distance

When deciding between an electric scooter and an electric bike, it’s important to consider your commuting needs and the distance you will be traveling. If you have a short commute and will be traveling on flat terrain, an electric scooter may be the best option for you.

However, if you have a longer commute or will be traveling on hilly terrain, an electric bicycle is often a better choice. If you plan on using your electric vehicle for recreational purposes, such as exploring trails or going on longer rides, an electric bicycle may be the better option due to its increased power and range.  If you are hoping for some exercise - the electric bicycle definitely wins in this category.

Think about storage and portability

Another important factor to consider when choosing between an electric scooter and an electric bike is storage and portability.

Electric scooters are generally more compact and lightweight, making them easier to store and transport. They can often be folded up and carried onto public transportation or stored in a small apartment or office space.

Electric bicycles, on the other hand, are larger and heavier, making them more difficult to store and transport. Consider your storage and transportation needs before making a decision.

For example, our Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter MAX weighs 41 lbs (18kg) and our Aventon weighs 49 lbs (22kg).  That's not a big difference - but the bicycle shape is harder to maneuver while most electric scooters fold down.

Electric Scooter vs. Electric Bicycle - Evaluate your budget

When deciding between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle, there can be a wide price range.  While some electric scooters can run thousands of dollars, our range of Segway-Ninebot electric scooters are generally between $1,000 - $1,500.  Compare that to the starting price of $1,999 for the Aventon Pace 350 - that's quite a difference.

However BOTH electric scooters and electric bicycles are going to be far less expensive than driving a car.

Electric bicycle have more components and features to justify the price - if you're commuting a few kilometers or just need casual transportation, you may just want a lower priced electric scooter.  Consider how much you are willing to spend and what features are most important to you before making a decision.

Another important part of your budget to think about is service costs.  Cars cost Canadians an average of $12,000 per year in repair costs.  An electric scooter or electric bicycle will cost far less than that.  Our Electric Scooter and Bicycle Service department at Segway of Ontario will make sure of that - our team prioritizes your safety and satisfaction in every repair.

Test ride before you buy

Before making a decision between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle, it’s important to test ride both options.

This will give you a better sense of how each vehicle handles and which one feels more comfortable for you. Click here to book a test ride with our expert staff at Segway of Ontario.

What's Best for You?

Here's the part where we say "It's up to you" - because it really is!  If you favour compact size and ease of use, the electric scooter is your best option.  However, if you want range, power and comfort, an electric bicycle is probably your best option.

Our team at Segway of Ontario is happy to help you decide - visit us at 11 Gristmill Lane in Toronto's Distillery District.

Electric Scooters vs. Electric Bicycles - which one is right for you?
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