How To Properly Lock Your Electric Scooter

Lock it or lose it” – If only it were that simple. 

The rise of the Electric Scooter over the last half decade has brought with it the rise of  another new industry… Electric Scooter theft. If you live in a big city, you know that Bike and E-Scooter theft is rampant – especially if you’re delivering food on your Electric Scooter. We’ve heard numerous stories of Riders who have left their scooter unattended for a minute, only to come back and find it missing.

So what is the most effective method for preventing electric scooter theft?

It is a tricky question.

The best way to secure your scooter is not by locking it. Confused? In order to ensure your device is at the lowest risk of being stolen, never leave it outside – especially overnight!  No matter how many locks you set, they won’t stop an experienced thief.

Ok Ok, we understand that sometimes bringing your scooter inside isn’t always practical, or even an option. For instance, maybe you’re just popping into a café for a quick coffee, or you’re delivering food on your Electric Scooter and you need to run inside to grab an order. In these cases, locking your scooter is a MUST.  None of these methods should be used on their own – try to use two or more security methods when you need to lock your electric scooter.

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1. Physically Lock Your Electric Scooter

If you don’t have one already, a physical lock is a must-have accessory. They range in price and security level and provide real-world theft protection.  Simply pass the lock through a solid bike post and your scooter’s frame at the joint where the stem and deck connect.  This will keep your Electric Scooter secure during short trips into stores and other destinations.  While there’s no perfect security solution, the tools below will help you reduce the chances of your device being stolen.

Keep reading to find out our top Electric Scooter Lock recommendations and explore them in our online store.

Ninebot passcode lock for Segway Ninebot Max G30 electric kickscooter.

Use a Bicycle/Electric Scooter U-LOCK

Abus 420 U-Lock Combo Pack with cable lock

The most popular lock option for riders and undoubtedly the most straightforward is a U-Lock.  Simply pass the U around a bike post and your scooter’s frame then lock. That’s it. For heavy security we recommend the Abus Combo Pack U-Lock which comes with a bonus 10mm x 140cm cable for added security.  Trusted by bicycle shops for years, the ABUS Ultimate U-Lock Combo Pack is an exceptional theft deterrent for your Electric Kickscooter. The U-Lock and Cable provide two points of physical security for your device – and an increased visual deterrent for would be thieves.


Get Flexible With the ETOOK Foldable Lock

ETOOK Foldable Lock for electric kickscooter security.

The flexible design of the ETOOK Foldable Lock means it takes up a very small foot print but can extend up to  90 cm. It comes with a mounting bracket and is easily fastened on the stem of your scooter, reducing the time it takes to lock and unlock.

The ETOOK Foldable Lock has the additional benefit of being the only lock capable of passing through the front tire of the Ninebot Max G30 & LP. Although tire theft is not a common occurrence, it does provide an extra level of  security as it makes it impossible to slip the scooter out from the lock. The ETOOK Foldable Lock is, by far, our favourite physical lock.  Its flexibility, durability and raw strength make it an excellent option when you need to lock your Electric Scooter – it’s also easy to store.

We even tried to steal our own bicycle and failed, watch below.



2. Use an Electronic Lock 

Electronic locks are the invisible security measures we put in place to slow thieves down or to  render an electric scooter unusable to them. Here are two e-lock options you might consider to lock your Electric Scooter.

E-Lock on the Segway-Ninebot App

If you already own a Segway-Ninebot device, you have probably seen the lock icon in the Segway-Ninebot app.  This electronic lock is activated by swiping down on the icon. When locked, your device’s throttle cannot be engaged. Additionally, if a thief tries to move your scooter, the brakes will lock automatically and an alarm will sound on your device.  The Kickscooter will send a notification to your phone, alerting you to the attempted theft.

Sounds great right? One major downside – your device needs to be powered ON for the electronic lock to be active. Despite all the security measures the electronic lock feature provides, it won’t prevent a thief from simply picking your scooter up and running away with it.  The Electronic Lock provides good defense if you’re quickly popping in and out of a store but we always recommend a physical lock paired with the Kickscooter E-Lock.

Remote Starter by More 4 Motion

One of the most ingenious accessories developed for the Ninebot MAX scooters is the Remote Starter by More 4 Motion . The remote starter can be installed in 60 seconds by simply connecting the wires between your scooter’s handlebar and stem. Once installed, you’ll be able to power your device on and off with the press of a button.

While it may not be a classic theft-prevention system, with the M4M Remote Starter you can remotely sound the alarm.

3. Tracking and Recovery

GPS Trackers

Less of a physical method to lock your Electric Sooter and more of a recovery tactic – GPS trackers should be on your list of must-have accessories. Whether you’ve got an Apple or Android (sorry Linux users) device, GPS trackers are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. There are many places on a Segway-Ninebot Scooter to hide a GPS tracker like the Apple AirTag.

  • In the scooter stem: Simply unfasten the handlebar/stem connection and place one in the stem.
  • Battery compartment: Remove the battery cover from the base of Ninebot Max G30 and tape a tracker next to the battery.
  • Arguably the most clever and effective use of space we’ve ever seen – the Smart Hook by M4M. The hook is excellent for additional bag storage, while its secret compartment conceals your Apple Airtag.

Smart Hook for electric kickscooter security. Discreet hide Apple Airtag GPS Tracker.

Record Your Serial Number

Another simple recovery tactic is to record your serial number at the time of purchase. It might  seem futile, but it could help distinguish your device from a slew of identical e-scooters. On Ninebot Max Models the SN is located next to the charge port, whereas on the E25A, E45,  ES1 (L), ES2, ES3, and ES4 the SN is located on the base of the deck.


The BEST way to “lock” your scooter is to bring it inside and to never leave it unattended outdoors. If that isn’t an option, we suggest using a physical lock, an electronic lock, and a tracker. None of these tactics on their own are enough to stop a thief.

So lock it, e-lock it, track it, or lose it.

How To Properly Lock Your Electric Scooter
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