Micromobility Speeds Up at Drive Festival 2023

This weekend, Segway Ontario took part in the 2023 Drive Festival.

400 Segway electric scooter test rides over 3 days shows - and I need a new pair of my favorite shoes.

We had 3 BIG questions from people:

1) How fast do they go?
2) How much are they?
3) These are Segway scooters, right?

While the first two answers are fairly easy to answer - 24km/h according to the Ontario E-Scooter Pilot Program, and between $1000 - $1400 + HST, the third question was exciting to hear so many times.  At a festival packed full of car enthusiasts, folks lit up when they saw our electric scooters - and acknowledged the trust that our company has helped build in the Segway-Ninebot brand since 2004.

#Micromobility is capturing the attention and interest of all types of people - and we're finally at the right moment in history to make the leap from fringe to mainstream.  Electric scooters represent freedom much in the same way that bicycles and automobiles do in the right setting.

With 40k+ new residents to Toronto each year, we simply don't have more space to build roads and add more cars. Cities across Canada are beginning to feel this same crunch and adopting Micromobility strategies to combat congestion and improve streetscapes for all road users.

The only way to grow big is by thinking small. Our new friends at SARIT Mobility (pictured below) understand this and are on the same mission to help Canadians move through their neighbourhoods and cities with more ease.

Major thanks to Leslie Lawrence for putting on an incredible show with excellent attendees.

Curious to learn more? Start your micromobility journey at segwayofontario.com and support a locally owned business.


Micromobility Speeds Up at Drive Festival 2023
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