Segway Ontario Featured in CBC Article

Segway of Ontario

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, people have been finding new ways to travel.  Micromobility devices like the Kickscooter MAX and Ninebot F40 are becoming top favourites for Toronto commuters. CBC Toronto featured us and a number of Electric Scooter riders.  With gas and car insurance prices rising, more and more people are discovering the ease of use and time savings brought by micromobility.

CBC: After months of sky-high gas prices, e-scooters cruise to popularity in Toronto

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“As soon as the pandemic hit, our sales just skyrocketed,” said Aaron Binder, the chief experience officer at Segway of Ontario.

“Going back to 2019, we’ve probably seen about a 1,000 per cent increase in sales … just for this particular device that is right in front of me,” said Binder as he stood in front of a Ninebot brand e-scooter he sells in his shop in the Distillery District.

Aaron Binder is the chief experience officer at Segway of Ontario, where e-scooters have been flying off the shelves since the start of the pandemic. (Paul Borkwood/CBC News)

Binder says rising gas prices have brought more customers in.
“There are so many people that are coming in and they’re saying specifically gas, specifically insurance. The costs of owning a car are astronomical.” 

Segway Ontario Featured in CBC Article
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