Segway miniPRO Battery Error Codes

The following table shows typical error codes of Segway miniPRO batteries:

Light Description
Green — blinking once per second BMS standby, no over-discharge
Red     — blinking once per second BMS standby, over-discharged, not hibernating yet
Green — blinking quickly Normal working mode, communicating
Red     — solid Short circuit protection
Green — solid Over-charged
Red     — on for ½ second, off for ½ second Charging
Green — on for ½ second, off for ½ second Discharging
Off Hibernating. Charge to wake up.
Other BMS error


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My battery shows solid green light and it doesnt work. What can i do?


hey guys so Pete your battery is dead I’ve had the same issue not my second battery now Joel your battery is dead too .. and Josh I’m pretty sure your battery is dead as well sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys I hope I was able to help you guys I don’t work for this company just a avid mini pro Rider who’s trying to help out a fellow Rider

David Winter

Hi. If any one know what’s wrong with my Segway mini pro. I tried to change the battery it shows red solid light but the charger shows as green. I been plugged in for almost 2 days but it’s shows as same. So I don’t know what’s wrong the battery or charger!


Exactly the same as josh. When the battery is connected there are no lights at all on the dashboard.
What is the problem?
Does it just need a good charge or is it dead please?
Many thanks

joel jones

Hi the battery on my mini is flashing red and the charger is solid green! Is that right?


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