Price Change for Ninebot by Segway MiniPro

We receive emails asking about the price change for Ninebot by Segway MiniPro and we would like to write a short article about it.

We totally understand that our Clients are a little confused since within a month the price changed from $1,299 to $999 and then to $799. They may ask why and what price is right.

Global pricing strategy policy is a complicated marketing matter.  Many variances are included into the final price formula, including market elasticity of demand, seasonality, and demographic. However, to the final consumers it is mostly about the final best price, warranty and service.

We can say to our Clients that price change is a good indicator that separates authorized and unauthorized sellers. Unauthorized sellers are not in a position to lower their prices to follow Segway’s pricing policy. Authorized dealers have to follow general policy and their prices are always the lowest.

When in doubt, if you are buying from a legal dealer, it is always a good idea to check to confirm that the dealer is listed among authorized dealers.

Discounts and Rebate System at 9Bot Store

Price Change for Ninebot by Segway MiniPro
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