Life is not Black or White

Our life is not only Black or White.  There are not reasons why your Segway MiniPro should only come in black or white with only limited technical characteristics.  At More4Mini be believe that our live is colorful and diverse.  That is why More4Mini has developed MiniPro Customizations Packages.

More4Mini has designed special customization packages for Ninebot by Segway MiniPro.  

Visual Personalization Kits

You can purchase More4Mini personalization kits on-line and follow self-installation instructions.  Alternatively, you can contact authorized and certified More4Mini Partners and let them do installation for you.

If later you decide to go back to plain MiniPro and your personalization kit you can do yourself.  More4Mini personalization kits are made using highest quality patented materials that are water resistant and won't leave marks on your MiniPro.

Technical Personalization of MiniPro

More4Mini provides great tools to personalize your Segway MiniPro.  Why not take your MiniPro off-road and have a little more fun?  Interested in more extended rides?  Get More4Mini Height Adjustable handlebar, charge your MiniPro with high performance More4Mini Charger and enjoy a long and comfortable drive.

Talk you More4Mini or our authorized partners and see what technical customization package is right for you.