This is a technical service manual that should help Segway miniPRO owners in case they would like to repair their miniPRO.  This manual is not a substiture for Segway Technical Support.  If you need to get Segway Technical Support, please call 1(866)4 SEGWAY 1(866)4734929.

Please read and follow all safety notices.

  • Before replacing parts on the miniPRO, you must read and follow instructions and keep in mind warnings signs
  • When servicing a miniPRO on a raised surface please secure miniPRO so it cannot move and hurt you.
  • Before performing any work you must power off the miniPRO.
  • Stay away from batteries that are overheating, have strange odor, smoke, have broken plastic body.
  • Don’t use power wash to wash miniPRO.
  • miniPRO is not a submarine therefore do NOT submerge it under water.
  • Use safety glasses when working in miniPRO.
  • Failure to adhere to these warnings could lead to serious injury, death, fire, or damage to property.

Segway miniPRO Battery Replacement

Knee controlled bar replacement and installation