About Us: Learn our Origin Story

The Segway of Ontario story started in 2004.  Now, more than ever, our team is focused on the future of Micromobility and sustainable transportation.  Learn about us below and how we became Ontario’s preferred Segway Ninebot dealer.

 Since 2004 we have been Ontario’s official Ninebot and Segway Dealer

Just like you, we’re real people. 

Our passion is to provide industry-leading customer service and after-care for every product we sell.

About Us: Our Mission

In 2019 we opened Ontario’s first Segway Ninebot retail service centre.  After 15 years as Ontario’s official Segway Retailer, we’ve expanded to improve our service to you.  Whether you’ve bought a Kickscooter from us, Amazon or Best Buy, we’ll gladly service your vehicle.  As a local, Canadian owned business, we can’t always compete on price. We can, however, compete on being real people with actual human customer service.

We’re passionate community builders and believe that the 2020’s will be the decade our cities are drastically re-visioned to include personal electric vehicles as a regular part of traffic.

Since 2004 our team has helped thousands of Canadians with mobility solutions.  Many Canadians with physical disabilities rely on their Segway PT’s to get around.  Now with lower-cost devices like Kickscooters and mini-Segways, a whole new world of accessibility has opened to more people than ever.

Drastic modernization changes to urban transportation are already happening.  We want to see Toronto and the rest of Canada move with Micromobility and help reduce emissions from combustion engines. Just like bicycles, almost anyone can ride and we believe the wide-scale adoption of Kickscooters and other Micromobility devices has just begun.

About Us: Working With Municipalities

We’ve developed relationships and consulted with multiple Ontario municipalities on bylaws and rollout strategies for electric scooters. As the longest operating Micromobility provider in Ontario, our experience and agility have helped us become a leading voice with governments and private industry.

Under Ontario’s E-Scooter pilot, municipalities have the opportunity to support hyper-local personal transportation.  This can be used to fill in public transit gaps, reduce car usage, and improve citizens’ mental health.

We are currently urging the City of Toronto and other municipalities to:

1) Develop legal frameworks for privately-owned Micromobility devices
2) Identify opportunities to reduce car usage by exchanging car trips for Micromobility trips
3) Incentivize Micromobility owners to reduce car usage
4) Work with us to develop best practices around safety and mechanical requirements

Our core values

1) Care for and value everyone.
2) Use Micromobility to create safer cities that orient people first.
3) Share our knowledge.

In Toronto and other urban Ontario communities, we’ve been part of the shift toward green and last-mile transportation.  Many Canadians are realizing the bulk of their daily trips are less than 10km – so why start up a car to go a couple kilometres?

Micromobility is changing how urban dwellers move through their environment. Segway of Ontario tunes you into your urban surroundings. Our devices get you where you’re going on time but at the right speed to immerse yourself in the buildings and parks along the way.

Like you, we’re exhilarated to be part of the next great generational shift in personal transportation. For more information, media interviews or partnership opportunities, please email sales@segwayofontario.com.

Jason Rizzuti Managing Partner at Segway of Ontario

Jason Rizzuti Managing Partner

One of the company’s original employees, Jason became a partner in 2014 and majority shareholder in 2020.

Considered one of North America’s leading experts on Segway and Ninebot products, he has helped grow Segway of Ontario into a top authority on personal electric mobility. If you’ve wondered how a company selling Segways has managed to survive, just buy him a beer.

He was named “Tourism Champion of the Year” by Attractions Ontario in 2014 for his passion and advocacy in Ontario’s Tourism industry through our Go Tours Canada division.

Aaron Binder Chief Experience Officer at Segway of Ontario.

Aaron Binder Chief Experience Officer

A passionate advocate for the environment, fun and small business, Aaron has been with Segway of Ontario / Go Tours Canada since 2008.

Aaron has been instrumental in growing the company’s Tour and Group Events and was responsible for developing the plan to re-launch the Tour division as Go Tours Canada in 2014.

With Segway of Ontario, he is championing new market opportunities for personal electric vehicles in Ontario through community engagement and Micromobility advocacy at all 3 levels of government.

You can learn more about Aaron at aaronbinder.com