Service: Kickscooters and Micromobility Devices

Segway of Ontario has been working on Segway and
Ninebot products in Toronto for over 15 years.

Keep your Ninebot or Segway product running at peak performance with regular maintenance.

When your Kickscooter needs service in Toronto, book a hassle-free appointment with us.  Like any vehicle, your Segway/Ninebot will eventually require repairs and we’re here to help. We fix Ninebot and Segway products (outside of Warranty) from all suppliers, including Amazon and Best Buy.  If your product is still under warranty, click here.

Our experts will diagnose your problem before completing any work. If you decide to have your vehicle fixed by us, the diagnostic is included.  Our rate is $25 + HST per 30 minutes and many repairs are completed within an hour.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your drop off appointment, please call 416-642-0096 or email Failure to do so may result in a $25 cancellation fee.

Whether you need a Segway repair or a Ninebot tune-up, we’re your team.

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Service: Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my electric scooter serviced?

It depends on your riding style and how you use your electric scooter.  Just like a bicycle, you should try to have your scooter serviced twice a year.

We recommend the beginning of Spring, and early in the Fall. Demand typically increases over the summer months so getting your service done in the “off-season” is recommended.

How long does service take?

You should expect to leave your scooter overnight for most service appointment types. To ensure proper assessment of your device, our experts need time to evaluate and perform service. Repairs generally takes 30-60 minutes per device but can be shorter or longer depending on the scope of work required.

Although we carry nearly all the Segway-Ninebot parts, occasionally specialty parts need to be ordered. In this event, expect longer service times.

Why do I need to book an appointment?

To limit contact and maintain a high degree of health and safety standards, appointments must be booked ahead of time.  We cannot accept your device without an appointment.

Booking an appointment also ensures that our technician can give you and your device proper attention. Book your appointment online in the form above, or over the phone at 416-642-0096.

What is the most common repair needed?

Control Boards!  As tempting as it may be, we do not recommend downloading speed hacking apps. Not only do these apps void your warranty, they can seriously harm your device’s circuitry.

Your scooter battery is equipped to handle a specific voltage output. Many of these apps will demand more than your device is capable of handling.

Do you have a retail location?

Yes!  We’ve been in the Distillery District since 2005 and are currently located at 30 Gristmill Lane.  If you require service, please book an appointment in advance here – we have limited space and can’t guarantee acceptance of your device without booking ahead.

Why does my scooter need service?

As much as we take care of our 2-wheeled friends – debris from roads, paths, and bike lanes will take their toll over time. This general wear and tear is totally normal and is part of maintaining any road vehicle such as a car or bicycle.

Fortunately, compared to a bicycle, your electric kickscooter has fewer parts that are exposed to the elements. In many cases you won’t require service as frequently as a car or bicycle if you’re riding safely.

How do I know if my electric scooter requires service?

There are two ways to tell if your scooter requires service:

  • There is an error code on the screen
  • It isn’t working

But seriously, your scooter shouldn’t be making any strange creaking, jangling, or straining sounds. Even if nothing is visibly wrong with your device, consider bringing it in for an appointment. Taking pre-emptive measures can save you from future issues.

If your device does require service and you have it performed by us, we’ll waive the diagnostic fee.

What are your hours?

We’re open 11am – 5pm from Monday – Saturday and closed on Sunday.  If you require service or sales outside of these hours, email us to set up an appointment.

What is your hourly repair rate?

Since most repairs take less than an hour, we offer dynamic pricing.  We charge $25 + HST per 30 minutes.  We charge a diagnostic of $25 + HST on every accepted vehicle. If your repair is performed by us, we consider this your first 30 minutes of service.  Not a bad deal!

Do you sell accessories?

Yes!  We sell a number of accessories, check our online store here.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Distillery District location is temporarily open for Curbside Pickup/ Dropoff by appointment only