Buyer’s Guide: Everything You NEED to Know About the F40 Kickscooter

Discover the new Ninebot F40 Kickscooter

The Ninebot F Series is the newest lineup of electric kickscooters from Segway-Ninebot. Choose from one of 3 range options – the F30, F40, or F60 – with 30km, 40km, and 60km ranges respectively. The first to land in Canada will be the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter with an estimated ETA of early May, 2022.

The F40 Kickscooter is a mid-range e-scooter perfectly suited for new and experienced Electric Scooter riders in Toronto and the GTA. Other mid-range options from Segway-Ninebot include the Ninebot ES4, Ninebot E45, and the Ninebot Max G30 LP. What does the future hold for those other lineups? At this time, it is unclear – but the Segway Ninebot F40 Kickscooter boasts loads of exciting new features previously unseen in other Ninebot devices. What are they? Read on to find out!

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Ninebot F40 Kickscooter Body Design

Let’s get the superficial commentary out of the way… the Ninebot F40 is extremely photogenic. The orange on dark grey is a sharp look that will turn heads while you ride by.

The robust steel frame of the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter is highly durable and capable of supporting payloads up to 265lbs – the highest of any Ninebot E-kickscooter. This is a huge cause for celebration for heavier riders that have been asking Segway-Ninebot for more robust models. Despite its heavy-duty design, the F40 weighs in at just 34.8lbs making it one of the lightest and most portable Ninebot e-kickscooters.

Taking a look at the back of the scooter, the rear fender brace is much appreciated. Owners of the Max G30 can attest that the rear fender is a pain point. Although Segway of Ontario does carry fender braces for the Max G30 models, it’s great that Segway has listened to customer feedback and has made that adjustment on the F series.

Segway Ninebot F40 rear tire with fender brace and disc brakes


The handlebar of the F series is extremely spacious with a bright, large display. Segway-Ninebot have Marie Kondo’ed the handlebar by combining the bell and the folding clasp into one component. This frees up a lot of space on your handlebar so you can load up on accessories.  For food delivery riders, we give the F40 a passing grade thanks to the additional space.  When you’re navigating Toronto on an Electric Scooter, you’ll want a phone mount, extra light and lock, the extra handlebar space provides that capability.

The F40 Kickscooter’s Handlebar features a generous amount of space for accessories handlebar bags, extra lights and a phone mount.


Ninebot F40 Kickscooter Motor

The Ninebot F40 Kickscooter has a built-in 350 W motor – the same as the Ninebot Max G30. Although riders have been clamoring for Segway to release an enthusiast level motor (350W +) for years, it sounds like those prayers will be answered in due time – see the GT series.

How fast does the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter go?
Riders can tailor the F40 to their riding style by selecting one of 3 power modes: eco, drive, and sport. On sport mode riders can reach top speeds of up to 30km/h.  If you have an urban commute to work, this will help get you there faster than transit or driving in many cases!

The F40 is a front wheel drive model meaning; the motor is located in the front wheel of the scooter. If you’ve ever ridden a front-wheel-drive versus a rear-wheel-drive electric scooter you know that there is a big difference in terms of feel – especially when it comes to acceleration. For many riders it can feel unnatural the first time they ride a front wheel drive model. However, it can provide additional grip in slick or wet conditions.

 Front wheel drive motor on the Segway-Ninebot F40 electric kickscooter

Not sure if a FWD e-scooter is the right choice for you? The best way to find out is by booking a test ride.


Brakes and Battery

The flashiest feature on the F40 Kickscooter that you probably noticed right away are the disc brakes. Beyond looking great, the 140 mm disc brakes increase reaction time by up to 27% and respond in 0.1 s. Riders will get a longer life out of disc brakes than drum brakes – and the performance of disc brakes is less likely to be affected by dirt and water. They are also easier to maintain and replace by our service department.


Rear tire of the Segway-ninebot f40 electric kickscooter with disc brakes

The brakes don’t stop there. In addition to the rear disc brakes, the Ninebot F40 Electric Scooter comes equipped with a front-wheel mechanical drum brake and a regenerative electric rear brake. The F40s dual braking system offers riders increased stability and steering.

With forty 18,650 high-capacity lithium batteries, the Smart Battery Management System within the F40 delivers a high-power supply and can achieve up to 40km in range on a single battery charge. It’s important to note that this is under ideal conditions: with a rider approximately 160lbs, riding on even terrain at 20 degrees Celsius. Realistically riders should expect to get about 20-25km in range when riding on Sport Mode.


The base of the Segway Ninebot F40 electric kickscooter is so sleek, you'd never know the battery was built into the bottom of the deck. 

When placed side by side with the Ninebot Max G30 LP it becomes apparent – the F40 battery size is far more economical. The base of the F40 is so sleek you’d never believe the battery is built into the deck.

The placement of the battery port on the F40 is accessible but not inconvenient. Charge time from 0-100% in only 6.5 hours charge – the same time it takes the Ninebot Max G30 LP to charge.


Ninebot F40 Kickscooter Tires

We’re excited about these tires!

The industry-leading 10-inch pneumatic anti-puncture tires on the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter prevent slips and skids on wet roads while providing a smoother, more comfortable ride – perfect for kickscooter commuters. What is an “anti-puncture tire”? A thin inner layer of tire “slime” lives within the tire to reseal small punctures so you can keep on rolling.

Front tire of the Ninebot F40 electric kickscooter. Industry leading 10 inch pneumatic anti-puncture tires.

Despite not being equipped with front spring suspension the pneumatic tires of the F40 do an excellent job absorbing the shock of bumps and cracks on your daily commute. In fact, the Segway-Ninebot models that DO come with suspension (see the E45) experience far more vibration than the F40. Why? The suspension is making up for the fact that those models have solid tires that send vibration directly up the steering column of your electric kickscooter.


Should you get the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter?

If you are just getting in the e-scooter game, the Ninebot F40 Kickscooter is an incredible device at amazing value.  For Toronto Kickscooter riders looking to upgrade from an ES2 or ES4, this is a great device.

Should you sell your Max G30 or G30 LP to get the F40? Depends on what you’re looking for. If portability is your number one priority, you can’t do better than the F40. However, range and durability are big factors as well, and the Max G30 is still the model of excellence in both categories. Until the F60 becomes available (or the GT series), we’d suggest hanging onto your Max model scooter.


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Buyer’s Guide: Everything You NEED to Know About the F40 Kickscooter
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